Roll call everyone. Here’s numerous links to many of my friends and classmates blogs. Of course there are varying topics so scroll through and find what you like.

Courtney Allen

Brittany Bassler

Shane Chernoff

Patrick Colden

Jillian di Montluzin

Jacklyn Di Augustino

Amanda Di Lella

Ashley Goodus

Lisa Greenberg

Dana Lewin

Christina Lob

Get started and have fun!
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Tipping Point

My latest class assignment is to read The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell, a former reporter for The New Yorker. In my opinion it was a far better book than Don’t Make Me Think, even though the two books have completely different content and context. The story is basically about how one idea/concept can manifest into a much larger concept, almost in the same way that social media or something of that nature got its start.

The author actually uses three different laws to explain exactly what a tipping point is. He does this through the use of what he deems “laws”.

His first law is the Law of the Few. He is positive that there are only a select few types of personalities that can really transform the social world. They include Mavens, Connectors, and Salesmen. A Maven is someone who focuses solely on small details and reads between the lines a little bit. He uses what he sees as information that equals life’s intangibles. I know, strange but true none the less. Mavens are important because others lean on them for varying topics. This can be from a psychological stand point to a physical stand point. The other type is the Salesman. A Salesman is a little bit manipulative in his was as his name would hint. But overall, the person is just clever, persuasive and convincing. The Salesman’s entire objective is to get a person to support an idea or thought without you knowing you are following their train of thought. And the last personality is the Connector. The Connector is what anyone would guess he is; a connector. The connector seems to know a lot of people and is easily approachable. They always seem to have something to say and their unique skill in meeting new people always helps them and others throughout life.

The next rule is The Stickiness Factor. Gladwell uses children’s shows like Blues Clues and Sesame Street as examples to explain this idea. He basically says the Stickiness Factor means an idea is so popular and memorable that it naturally just sticks in people’s minds, and there are certain ways to portray information so that people are more likely to remember it. For example, Sesame Street teaches children simple concepts about the alphabet or math that they will use and never forget.

Gladwell’s last rule is the Power of Context. In order to explain this concept Gladwell refers to Bernie Goetz subway shooting as an example. Crime was becoming a big problem on New York City, especially on the subways, and Goetz shot four kids who tried to mug him on a subway. Many people viewed Goetz as a hero instead of accepting the fact that he all also committed a crime himself. Goetz was found not guilty of all charges except one for an illegal possession of firearms. In summation, the context of situation can greatly influence the way people perceive it.

Overall it was a very intriguing read, and I would recommend anyone who enjoys thinking outside the box to come check it out.

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Classmates Works Continued

I have more talented peers. Check Patrick‘s blog out for size. He gives great detail on the hidden gems within the University of Florida. The bike ride video is awesome as well. There is plenty more to do at UF than a lot of people realize. He can also point you to a really cool rock climbing area. So again check his site out!

While you are reading this, don’t forget about my good friend Eneisy. She has a very bubbly personality and loves to dance. But she also loves sports, especially basketball. A woman that loves sports… now that’s something to admire.

And lastly, meet Tori! Her passion for sports runs deep, her love for NASCAR specifically. She is from a hard-working, loving family, and it shows. 

All of their blogs link to others, so please check even more of my friends along the way.

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Classmates Works

As the semester starts to wind down, some of my classmates have put in insightful works on who they are and what they like.

Take for example Brittany. She has done so so much. I admire that. She is constantly working and never seems to get tired at all! Even with all her hard work, she still makes time for the animals of the world. This is something I did not know about her. Check out her blog. I did not know some of the information she has on there. Did you know what the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission actually does? I thought I knew.

If you are looking for something more upbeat. Look no further than Courtney Allen. She loves music almost as much as she loves God. If you are a Drake fan, check this song out. It’s not a top hit, but shows the simple side of the artist that a lot of people don’t see. Just be prepared for profanity.

And lastly, check out Amanda Di Lella. I met her last semester, but did not know about her desires to eat healthy. Amanda has a unique insight into a snack favorite, granola bars (a snack favorite of mine).

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Bio Part 1

I don’t have the most unique name, so here I go. UF and the Gators… Got to love them.

This may be easy though. I love sports and working out. The end.

Not really, but made you think. TV is what most of us do, otherwise we wouldn’t be in this class. Not sure where exactly this major will take me, but most of us don’t.

So let me really get down to the business. I’m an older student and did struggle quite a bit growing up. You know, poverty and all. A lot of bad things like deaths, trailer parks, fights, broken homes, pretty much an Eminem song or something.

But I don’t reminisce too much on it, so I don’t talk too much about it anymore these days.

Ya, I’ve done some things that mommy would be proud of, but I’m not totally sure she cares.

I worked hard in life. I continue to, but graduation is right around the corner and things look a bit scary. I’m tough though. I could always go back to doing some of the work I’ve done in the past, or get a job in my field. Life is about choices and that the beauty of it.

Again, as the resume shows, I’ve worked in sports and it’s great. I don’t want to do freelance all the time though. Well, maybe as a last resort.

Either way, I want to continue to travel. That’s a life goal for me. I’ve lived in Hawaii (beautiful state) and originally was born in Dallas, TX. Yes, Go COWBOYS.

I actually lived in Palatka for 12 years before getting out of that black hole. If you don’t know, trust me, you don’t want to know about that place. My Facebook says it’s home, but I don’t really consider it home.

If I could ultimately get a job that makes me happy and provides for my family, then I will be set. I’m not trying to become some superstar with big dreams. Just want a healthy life where money isn’t much of a stress.

I’ve loved and I’ve lost. I’ve won some, I’ve lost some. Every trial is a growing point. I love to volunteer when I have time. Lately I’ve been handing out food at the homeless shelter.

Always remember to be happy and headstrong. And always, always put God first. I know, a little vague, but I like to stay a little under the radar. If you need to know more, just simply ask or email.

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I have done a lot in my life, so adding a resume will be easy. Attaching this one to other sites will help as well. So here you go for your pleasure.


Kevin Roberts Resume


2011 to Present      Graduate May 2014                        Bachelors Degree-currently enrolled

University of Florida— Telecomm News Track (Emphasis in Sports)/Business Minor

2007 to 2011                        Associate of Arts Degree

St. Johns River State College—3.2 GPA while working overtime hours and taking night classes

   2001 to 2005         High School Diploma (with honors)

Palatka High School–3.53 GPA working almost full time as well


Work Experience


ESPN Radio 850                                                                                       Spring 2012-current

•           Interview players

            •           Co-host High School Hits on Friday Nights (last season)

            •           Produce, write and record two-minute/one-minute sports updates

            •           Train new interns

•           Cut up sound and make factsheets

            •           Go out to sporting events a few times a week to get footage

            •           Write, produce and record features



GTN News                                                                             Paid Intern         May 2012-Aug 2013

•           Cut up video with Final Cut Pro and write script to it

            •           Go out to sporting events a few times a week to get footage

            •           Work with sports reporter and UF Grad Julie Quittner

            •           Work camera properly and get sport specific shots


WUFT-TV and WRUF                                                                                       Aug 2011-current

•           On-Air sports anchor on Thursdays

•           Producer for Radio Reading Service

  •      On air radio talent for a radio reading show

            •           HD camera operator for TV news program

            •           Meetings with production staff

•           Cut up sound and make factsheets

            •           Interview others for sound stories

            •           Write and record features

            •           Stories for Florida’s 89.1 WUFT-FM

Ross Dress For Less                                                         Sep 2009-Nov 2010; Feb 2013-Aug 2013

•           Train and encourage new hires

•           Front-end Supervisor

•           Give excellent customer service

            •           Use cash register

            •           Recover store in a logical manner

            •           Certified and used in security

            •           Extra Sales and leadership skills

            •           Phone skills

Coca-Cola                                                                                                           Oct 2011-Aug 2012

•           Reduced shrink of plant by 22%

•           Load/unload trucks

  •      Repackage damages

            •           Clean-up

            •           Weekly staff meetings

BMW Warehouse                                                      Sep 2010-Aug 2011; May 2013-Aug 2013

            •           Use heavy, complex machinery

            •           Train new hires

            •           Be as error free as possible (accuracy)

            •           Give feedback to top managers at all meetings

            •           Use techniques to make job faster and smarter

            •           Get along well with others

Food Lion Distribution Center

*Lead Inventory Control Clerk/ Selector/ Loader                                Feb 2006-Jun 2010

            •           Make sure product does not go out of date

            •           Verify that all counts are accurate with computer program

            •           Select cases in a timely manner and ensure the items are damage free

            •           As selector, received award as the selector with the highest average

            •           Train new hires

            •           Implement daily and hourly work plans/schedules

            •           Phone skills

*Many other jobs along the way


Activities and Interests

Working out, playing and watching sports, church, spending time with family, being a positive role model, training and leading others, being involved in school and local functions, learning and trying new things, volunteering

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The Need For a Workout Partner

Not all individuals, but a lot, lose that extra motivation to workout and stay healthy on a regular basis. In fact, obesity has now been defined as an actual disease. With such growing numbers in the US, one should do the most they can to avoid a hospital visit.

An easy step is finding a workout partner. The partner can be the ultimate leader in pushing you beyond where you normally would be. It’s also a relationship builder. Couples that squat together, stay together.

There are numerous workouts from curls to crunches that the two can easily use to achieve your own desired fitness.

Of course, diet is all the fad as well. I recommend protein. But eating healthy and having you and your partner on the same page is ideal.

Its also great to understand that a gym isn’t exactly what is needed. Two individuals can do many many exercises without the help of a fancy and sometimes expensive gym membership.

I don’t have a consistent workout partner, and at 27 it is exactly what I need to go on strong.

With that said, some of my best workouts have been with a partner. In the game of love, it may just strengthen the relationship.

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